Everything your need to build trust and grow sales.


Sales requires trust.

We live in a post-trust world.


55% of CEOs think lack of trust is a threat to their organization's growth.

PWC, Global CEO Survey


49% of consumers started purchasing or purchased more because of trust.

PWC, Trust in Business Survey


Trust is built from actions taken by businesses and the leaders that guide them.

Deloitte, The Link Between Trust and Economic Prosperity

More Trust = More Sales

Sales professionals that build trust at each stage of the sales process win more deals.



Developing trust while prospecting opens more doors and sets the stage for success.



Building relationships of trust with multiple decision-makers and influencers increases win rates.


Client Management

Sustaining trust after the initial sale creates an environment that facilitates account growth.

The Trust Formula

The key ingredients sales professionals can master to develop and sustain trust.

The Book That Started a Movement

When Selling From the Heart released in 2018 it struck a chord in the sales profession.

Executives, sales leaders, and sales professionals across multiple industries recognized that the biggest obstacle to growth was the ability to build and sustain trust. Larry Levine's book is a cry for authenticity. Buyers can smell insincerity. In the book, Larry shares his practical framework to bring authenticity and substance to prospects and customers.


"This book isn't one of those fluffy sales books that you read and have no way to act on. Selling from the Heart captures what it truly means to be successful in sales. It's not about the commission check, but rather helping people achieve their goals whatever they may be. I don't normally read for enjoyment, but I could not put this book down."

Lee Salz
Author, Sell Different


Get a Window Into the Black Box of Your Sales Team

When you look at your P&L Statement, top line revenue drives the rest of the business. Sales drives revenue. Shouldn't you have data on:

  • How your sales team could be performing

  • How much money is being left on the table

  • Where they need development

We can benchmark your sales team against 40 years of data across 2.6 million sales reps.


Ensure a Maximum Return on Your Investments

We provide a practical way to do the due diligence on the sales teams in your portfolio companies. Once the areas for improvement are identified, we then share with the total amount of revenue potential locked in your teams. Then, we help you unlock and reach the potential.

  • How your sales team could be performing

  • How much money is being left on the table

  • Where they need development

We can benchmark your sales team against 40 years of data across 2.6 million sales reps.


Provide a Powerful Benefit To Help Members Grow Sales

As the Executive Director of an industry association you want to fully engage your members in a way that helps them grow their businesses.

One of the best ways to promote growth is by helping them develop their sales teams. That's why we've developed a turnkey program to help associations offer sales development benefits for their members.

  • Custom Sales Training Programs

  • Keynotes and Breakouts

  • Sales Candidate Assessments to ensure good hires

  • Sales Team Evaluations


You Are Not Alone!

Discover a community of like-hearted sales professionals that believe in authenticity and trust. Get encouraged and equipped to drive new levels of success and enjoyment from your sales career.


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